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24-08-2009, 12:56 AM
Finally, the Derek HAS COME BACK... to make an outdated wrestling reference on the forum he (occasionally) moderates.

Boards+ 2009/10 subscriptions are now available!

One of the neat features of vBulletin (for me) is that it links to Paypal, so your Boards+ privileges get updated automatically- without me having to do anything. Hopefully this means that I can bugger off to the USA next week and not have to sign in to check my PayPal account each day. However, the first few people to try this will be guinea pigs, so I will need to keep a close eye on it this week.

What is Boards+?

Why, it's a way of keeping the Ozhoops Boards alive, by helping Derek pay our hosting bill!

We acknowledge our Boards+ members by giving them additional privileges:
- the ability to set their own custom title
- the ability to set a custom avatar
- access to our member-only forums (Video Games, All Sports, Off Topic and Plus Customer Service)
- warm fuzzy feeling*

All for the low, low price of $10- and we haven't had any pay rises since 2005. This could be because I'm slack, but take advantage of me!

The automated way:
- go to your User Control Panel (the User CP link up top of the page)
- click on Paid Subscriptions (bottom of the left sidebar)
- go from there to Paypal. Dek-Net Design will show as the company billing you.
- once Paypal completes the business side of things your paid subscription should come up automatically.

The way that needs Derek to intervene (slower):
- arrange for a AUD$10 deposit to go to Derek's account.
Bank Suncorp
BSB 484-799
Account number 094037955
Account name DEREK NIELSEN

This way is slower because 1) I need to manually add you and 2) sometimes banks take a few days to clear payments, even electronic ones, because they're like that.


The even slower method
Send a cheque or money order for AUD$10 to PO Box 5127, Townsville Qld 4810 made payable to DEREK NIELSEN. This method will be REALLY slow in September, because I'm going to the USA for three weeks. :P

A small amount of fine print
- New subscriptions last twelve months from date of payment.
- Existing subscriptions expire September 30, 2009. (Ozhoops Plus members continue to receive their privileges and no further payment is needed unless you're feeling generous.)
- Being a paid subscriber does not exempt you from board rules, although buying favour with this particular moderator is still reasonably cheap.


* may vary from member to member. Fuzzy feeling not valid in South Australia.