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02-10-2012, 01:10 AM
The Boards is a dictatorship. A benevolent dictatorship, but a dictatorship none the less. You have the privilege of discussing basketball here, providing you obey the rules. Failure to obey the rules will see that privilege revoked.

For the most part, I don?t ask for much. It would be really nice if I could just have one rule: Wheaton?s Law (?don?t be a dick?). However, people do stupid things that annoy me, and then argue ?but that wasn?t explicitly spelled out in the rules, therefore you can?t ban me, neener neener neener.?

So here are the new revised rules.

I can ban you for any reason, at any time, without warning, and my ruling is final.

To escape my wrath and avoid being on permanent interwebs record as a horrible human being, here?s the sort of thing the mods will be looking for.

Please be civil. Don?t be abusive towards other members; you can disagree with being jerks about it. Don?t use offensive language- an F-bomb or C-bomb (or any derivatives or misspellings thereof) in the public areas will get you a short-term ban. Don?t stalk other members or post their personal details; none of us care.

We only have an automated swear filter in place for one word (it starts with ?c?). Automated swear filters are easily broken, and aren?t very good at understanding context (see The S****horpe Problem (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/S****horpeProblem) for details of why we don?t use one).

If a thread doesn?t interest you, click ?Next Thread?. Don?t post ?this sucks? or ?don?t care? or ?too long/didn?t read?.

Any abuse of a moderator will get you an instant one-week ban. We aren?t paid enough to deal with you being jerks, so it?s way easier for us just to shut you up. You have been warned.

Report, don?t retaliate. By continuing your petty argument in public you?re only making the forums worse for other people who aren?t interested in your shenanigans. Report bad posts to a mod and move on. (Note that the mod may not agree on your assessment of a ?bad post?.)

Respect others? privacy. Whether or not a player is straight, gay, lesbian, pregnant, married, dating, divorcing, broke etc is generally none of our business here, unless it impacts actions on court (eg suspensions due to drug use.) If it?s been reported in the regular press, then fine, but we don?t want to be the source of unverifiable scuttlebutt. Don?t repost comments someone made on Facebook; they probably intended those comments only for a select few friends. (Twitter comments are generally considered to be made publicly.)

This rule applies doubly for people who are not regularly in the public eye (basically anyone who isn?t a professional player). We don?t care if the scorebench official at your 12-year-old?s D-grade game on the weekend stuffed up, or if you are annoyed about the referee who T?ed you up at your warehouse game- this is not the place for your personal vendettas.

Please stay on topic. Some leeway is given- a thread about a particular game might stray into discussions about that game?s aftermath, or a particular player?s efforts or lack thereof. Keep the discussion related to the topic at hand.

Please speak reasonable English. Use complete sentences and punctuation. We will generally not punish you for spelling mistakes unless your post is illegible or doesn?t make sense. Please don?t use ?you misspelled a word therefore your entire argument is invalid? in an argument.

Keep topics in the appropriate area. Don?t talk about NBA in the NBL forum. Don?t talk about the A-League in the NBL forum. Some topics will cross over; a topic about former NBL players is probably okay in the NBL forum rather than in Other Basketball.

Give your thread a useful title. ?You know what?? or ?The Crocs? are not useful thread titles and will earn our ire. ?Trivia re the Razorbacks/Spirit? or ?The Crocs offseason hiring 2011/12? are more useful. If you are starting a Game Day thread, name it ?Crocs v Kings, 22 March? or something so it shows up in the archives.

Don?t spoil the results of ANY games in the thread title. Not everything is shown live- and with NBL.tv now showing things on demand, people have the chance to watch stuff when they get home. Please be considerate.

Keep the forums tidy. Don?t ?bump? old threads to get attention. Don?t post multiple threads on the same topic. Don?t post in threads just to post a smiley, meme or image macro (trollface / lolcat / etc). Don?t quote lengthy conversations just to add ?I agree? or ?lol?. Please make sure you are actually adding something useful to the discussion before hitting ?Submit?.

Don?t post for-profit links that earn you fees (Amazon affiliates, bookmaking sites etc). Don?t post just to pimp your blog/Twitter account- if you want ads you can pay me for it. You may link to your blog/Twitter/business/Movember etc in your signature block if you wish.

Don?t cut and paste text from other sites, especially commercial services like News Limited, ESPN, or other newspaper sites. This gets us in copyright hot water. Link to it.

Don?t post links to illegal or obscene material. This includes, but is not limited to: BitTorrent trackers (or .torrent files themselves), nudity or sexually explicit material, ?warez? or other software sites; violence, dismemberment and gore; and malware. As of 2012 this includes live streaming sites for NBL games- there is now a legal way of watching these games.

You aren?t a gang. Don?t threaten to ?invade?, disrupt or vandalise other forums or sites.

Plus members are appreciated, but you are not special. Your $10 doesn?t give you free reign to disregard the rules above (although I am more lenient in the private forum). I may create a higher level later on that does give you those privileges; it will probably cost a lot more than $10 a year.


02-10-2012, 01:52 AM
The old points system didn't seem to act as much of a deterrent, so now you get instant bans!

24 hours:

Posting affiliate or sponsor links to other sites so you get a referral fee.
Excessive coarse or obscene language.
Off-topic discussion or threads.
Trolling (deliberately being provocative or annoying). Playing devil's advocate isn't necessarily trolling, but I'm the final arbiter.
Non-descriptive and unhelpful thread titles.
Giving away the result of a game in the title of the discussion thread.
Posting multiple threads. One game, one thread.
?Bump?ing threads to put them at the top of the page without adding anything to the discussion.
Responding to threads with ?who cares?? or ?too long/didn?t read?.
Responding to threads with a single smiley/emoticon, or empty-quoting another post without adding any comment of your own.
Derailing threads with irrelevant internet memes (like Rickrolls) or dumb jokes. (Good jokes are allowed, however I?m the final arbiter of standards of humour.)
Quoting other people?s problematic posts so I have to clean up your post as well as theirs. (Just click the Report button, people!)
Wasting the mods? time. Don?t click Report unless the post really justifies it; reporting posts to the mods out of spite isn?t going to make you popular.
Posting links to BitTorrent trackers. There are multiple legal ways of watching NBA and NBL games now.
Backseat moderating (pestering and harassing admins).

72 hours:

Derailing threads with abuse.
"The refs cheated" / "We were robbed" / "We were playing 5-on-8" or any variant thereof. Unless you can explain WHAT ASPECT of the refereeing speciflcally cruelled your team's chances of victory, blaming the refs without any attempt to explain yourself will get you an infraction. If you're discussing a specific call, remember- most of us did not see the game, we are relying on written reports, so tell us what happened.
Posting material that violates the privacy of staff, other members, or any third party. This includes players, coaches and administrators, as well as The Boards staff and members.
Admin sass. Doing something after an admin (generally me) asked you specifically not to do it.
Cutting-and-pasting articles from other sites.

One week (168 hours)

Posting material that is Not Safe For Work. This includes (but is not limited to) nudity; sexually explicit material; violence, dismemberment and gore; links to ?shock sites?.
Posting links to illegal material (for example warez sites).
Spamming (posting garbage posts or threads to disrupt or clog up the forums).
Proposing or threatening to disrupt, invade or vandalise other internet forums or sites.

Permanent ban

Posting advertisements for cheap cigarettes, medications, fake watches, counterfeit clothes/shoes, sports betting sites, World Of Warcraft gold-farming operations, investment scams (including chain letters), pornography, or anything otherwise deemed problematic by moderators.
Being really, really annoying and/or violating multiple rules to the point where we're just completely sick of you.