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  • Monday Morning Mumble

    It's before 9am on a Monday, and I figure no-one else is awake (or is this just unusual for me?), so here's ten quick takes on the first weekend of NBL/WNBL action.

    - Some opening night jitters for NBL TV, but overall I liked the presentation. The NBL's graphics package is much nicer and much cleaner than last year, although Adelaide's 999 fouls must be a worry for Joey Wright...

    - Ads? In my basketball telecast? It seems really strange to go back to Foxtel after watching on League Pass- having ads rather than the in-arena cameras has been a bit jarring. At least Foxtel Now is in HD, though... assuming you have the right streaming device.

    - Is there such a thing as good stress? If you're Dean Vickerman, possibly. Melbourne came away from the weekend with a two-point win in Adelaide after trailing early, and a one-point loss in Oklahoma City. Now if only they can go 48 hours without players getting injured or falling ill.

    - Stop fouling jump-shooters! Especially late in the shot clock! You've already forced Alex Loughton into a rushed buzzer-beater to try and avoid overtime, so fouling him with 0.8 seconds left just handed Cairns the win. There was a similar play in the Perth/Brisbane game. Hands out, kids.

    - I guess we don't have to worry about commentators saying "Rolan" Roberts by mistake anymore.

    - Returning Opals have a point to prove. UC Capitals are unbeaten after two WNBL games; Natalie Hurst's return to the league saw her credited with 14 assists and 8 rebounds against Bendigo. Natalie Novosel was just shy of a triple-double in the Lightning's win against Sydney Uni (21 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists). And Cayla George had 17 points and 22 rebounds in the Fire's win away to Melbourne.

    - Don't sleep on the Boomers. Melbourne did split the weekend, having beaten Dandenong on Thursday. And their returning vets did okay- Jenna O'Hea had a double-double (13 rebounds, 10 points) against Townsville, and Liz Cambage had 32 points in her two games.

    - How soon before teams start panicking? We aren't going to get a really solid handle on the Bullets' prospects for a few weeks- initial signs aren't positive, but not many teams would be expected to come away from Perth Arena with wins, so maybe that isn't a good indicator. Sydney and NZ might be doing the maths on those third import possibilities, though. Sure, it's only one game into the campaign, but cut us pundits some slack: we have column inches (and podcast minutes) to fill.

    - Cohesion, or talent? The jury seems out on whether it was better to retool or keep squads together. In the NBL the top three teams kept most of their squads (and some imports) together over the offseason. But in the WNBL, three of the top four teams have significantly retooled and seem to be gelling nicely early. Another thing for me to argue about on the podcast!

    - #fireuptownsville.

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    OUT: Walker, Ili

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