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  1. Thanks!
  2. Hi Paul

    Just for your information for the overseas players thread:
  3. Sorry mate, I have looked for live streams but cant find anything. I will look again tomorrow night, maybe there will be something when they are playing the NBA guys.
  4. Thanks for the info Paul! I am so excited for him, moreso than he is at the moment hehe!!
  5. Gday mate, secret safe with me. As I posted on the boards, there are usually live streams from tournaments in China - touch wood. The best site is but there are others if you are prepared to spend a bit of time searching.

    Ill have a look on Tuesday night and hopefully post a link on the boards in the Taipans section. Good luck to Matthew!
  6. Good morning Paul

    Long time lurker and occasional poster here. I would like to know if you know of any website or other information on the Continental Basketball Club Championships that the Cairns Taipans are playing at in China please? No one on these boards apart from Gordon G knows my identity but confidential information for you is that my son, Matthew Adekponya, is playing and obviouslyI want to be able to follow the tournament, not just for him but for the team.
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