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  1. Spoken like the cretin you so clearly are.

    Tell ya what - if youre so sure you know who I am look me up and tell me what you think to my face.

    See how that one goes for ya.

    Back to the boys......
  2. Why dont you contribute something worthwhile instead of attempting to derail the stupid thread.

    You know nothing. ya little twerp.

    This place has deteriorated due to the sniping of you and your two or three bum buddies. Along of course with Derek's consent.

    Tossers...the lot of you little people

    Fact is I cut the other tosser cussy loose as he is a most negative influence on life as you are. You at least dont reduce yourself to the level he and that other tosser mattic does

    But your'e close

    Cya and get a life instead of trying to get under peoples skin - anonymously - from the sidelines.

    Whatever you think of me even if I am who you think I am - at least I have the balls to do so and not from behind Derek's anonymous little skirt.

    Now try an look at my post and agree or disagree...contribute something other than your petulant, snide, little, immature and twerpy shots from the sidelines
  3. Youve been told to place me on ignore but you obviously cant. Youre one of sidleline fluffers of the circle jerk here on OH that are obsessed with peoples real identities. And Derek is right in the middle of the circle with you lot

    Stupid and oh so schoolyard juvenile.
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