An interesting--and rare--mix of NBA games that fell on this March 1978 day that CBS Sports broadcasted. We got new footage emerging of the New Orleans Jazz. This time on the road against the San Antonio Spurs. At the time during that season, the New Orleans Jazz was playing its final season in the Big Easy with the Spurs being their Central Division mates. Nowadays, both cities are in the Southwest Division, though New Orleans since got the Hornets from Charlotte. The basket structures are very interesting from this era as you will notice in San Antonio from the standard that you see in the others. Good to see Gail Goodrich in New Orleans Jazz gear...and the shorts design from the Spurs back then There's little footage of the Boston Celtics home game versus the New York Knicks. But then again, both teams were atrocious back then and weren't going to the playoffs in 1978. Another interesting aspect lies in the Phoenix Suns-Philadelphia 76ERS match at the old Arizona Veterans' Memorial Coliseum. Torrential rain--never thought I would say that regarding Phoenix and the whole state of Arizona--nearly brought down the tiles from the roof. Play wasn't halted, but if this happened today, which likely wouldn't thanks to the sophistication of subsequent arena palaces, there would be a delay for at least 20 minutes, perhaps 20 games. You get to hear Dan Criqui on the call from Phoenix.