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Thread: $10K game-breaker shootout

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    Default $10K game-breaker shootout

    At half-time of the 2 games today, the semi-finals of the Game-breaker shootout will take place.

    First prize for the shootout is $10,000 and the semi-finalists are Willie Farley, Adam Gibson, Riley Luettgerodt and Chris Molitor. Willie and Riley are in the first semi and Gibbo and Chris are in the second.

    The qualifying round was held yesterday morning with all players invited to take part. There were 3 racks, 4 balls in each and 45 seconds to complete your shots. Each ball was worth 1 point except for the last ball in each rack which was the "money ball" and worth 2 points.

    I arrived after a few players had already shot but the early leader was Gibbo with 11 points (out of a possible 15). Players were shooting at both ends of the court and I was the scorer for one end so saw half of the action.

    Farley was one of the later shooters and started off slowly only sinking the money ball in the first rack. He heated up in the second rack just missing one shot and swept the final rack to finish on 11.

    Riley was up next and missed one shot in each of the first two racks and swept the final rack to post the highest score of 13. He had a good rotation on the ball and seemed to be shooting a much higher arc than everyone else. Looked good and obviously worked well.

    Chris Molitor was a late entry and an unknown to many of his competitors until he swept the first rack and finished strong to post an 11.

    Darren Ng and Schenscher also shot late and fell just short with 10 and they both missed their final money ball which would have got them in to the semis.

    Terrence Woodberry was one of the first up and he also got 10. He started hot, swept the second rack but missed all but one on the last rack. He stuck around for the rest of the field and was trash-talking the opposition (in jest) and disappointed to not make it through.

    Other notables from my end of the court were John Rillie who finished on 9 after struggling from the top rack. Mike Helm also had 9 and messed up the top rack when he ran to the wrong side and so he struggled to get the balls out of the rack (rookie - transition error).

    Brett Maher was the funny story of the day when for some reason he decided to shoot the racks clock-wise in reverse of the other shooters. The strategy didn't pay off for him as he started slowly and never found his rhythm finishing with just 2 points.

    Of note is that 3 of the semi-finalists are Fleet players ... and I believe the team rule is that the winning cheque goes on the bar on Sunday night. Can Gibbo spoil their celebration drinks?

    If you have any questions about the shootout or how your favourite player went, let me know and I'll see what I can do. As mentioned, I only looked after one end of the court so have scores and tallies for probably just less than half of the field.

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    So if I read that correctly, Schenscher > Rillie & Maher?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunkin' Dan View Post
    So if I read that correctly, Schenscher > Rillie & Maher?
    Believe it or not ... he was yesterday.

    There were 3 or 4 players tied on 10 that just missed out. If Molitor hadn't got 11 there would have been a shoot-off between Goulding (Bubbles), Woodberry, Ng and Schenscher.

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    So Dodge, do you know how Damo Martin went under the 45 seconds of pressure?

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    Sorry Silencer, most of the Rays (Gibbo, Lisch, PC, Martin) were there very early and shot first. I believe Lisch shot about 9 but I didn't hear how Martin went.

    And yes, the 45 seconds to get off 12 shots didn't put them under too much time pressure. Their peers sitting, watching, commenting, certainly did.

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    First round of the gamebreaker shootout: Farley gets 9, Luettgerodt 6.

    I scored Farley's end, he shot well but only made the final money-ball

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    Second round of the gamebreaker shootout: Gibbo gets 14 (out of a possible 15), Molitor gets 4.

    I scored Gibbo's end and the only shot he missed was the first ball of the top rack.

    Final will be held on Sunday at half-time of the grand final game. Gibbo vs Farley

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    Quote Originally Posted by DodgeTaylor View Post
    Final will be held on Sunday at half-time of the grand final game. Gibbo vs Farley
    ... both of whom could be playing in that game.

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