I have a few very big decisions coming up in the next few months- decisions that will determine Ozhoops? future.

One of those decisions involves my licence for vBulletin, which expires in April. The version we have has been superceded, and the new version costs US$175; alternately I can get the Publishing Suite version, move the old (increasingly-defunct) news site onto this server so that everything is running from one site, and pay an extra US$75.

Also, before the NBL season rolls around again, I?m up for about $800 in hosting bills across the two sites, another good reason to merge the two, and a good reason to sit down and think about how to run the site better next season.

(I should note that while our Boards+ subscribers do assist me, subscriptions do not cover the costs of hosting the site; I come out well behind financially, and that?s not even taking into account the amount of time involved for the moderators and myself.)

So, this forum is specifically for discussion of Ozhoops? future.

All regular forum rules apply here. Constructive criticism only please, and keep things on topic; this isn?t a chat forum.

I?ll be starting a few different threads shortly to get things started, but feel free to ask questions or make suggestions if there?s anything I haven?t yet mentioned.

One last thing- all of us running this site are volunteers. If you?re going to suggest something cool, remember we need the manpower and time to be able to run it!