I posted this in the Day 1 thread but feel it deserves a little more attention:

no-one knew who half the guys on court even were- I suspect some people didn't know they were teammates until warmups! One team had a player announced during intros and the commentators said he was still at the airport and hadn't made it to the venue.

Maybe they need to promote this a bit more like the NBA Summer Leagues. Don't just say "here's #13 Todd Blanchfield!", say "here's #13 Todd Blanchfield, who was a Crocs rookie last season after playing his junior basketball with the Mackay Meteors."

Actually this deserves its own post, I'll cover that elsewhere.
And here we are.

What One/ECB needs is a scouting report on each of these guys. Are they playing for a payday? Playing for a contract? Playing to chat up the chick in seat E37? Why are they here, and why should we care about them?

The Reef, for example, have
- a bunch of fringe NBL players (Janev, Niesler and Fitzgerald have all played NBL; Fitzgerald was pretty good as a Singapore Slinger, and Janev is on the NBL Free Agents' List)
- two 2010 Crocodiles teammates in veteran Stephen Hoare and rookie Todd Blanchfield
- David Bartholomaeus, a very experienced campaigner at State League level
- Jason Cameron, who's also been around for years at State League and also played six (seven?) seasons as a foundation player for the Townsville Suns

All of these could be interesting backstories. All of these turn the players from 'some random in a uniform' to 'a person the fans might connect with'. But at the moment we don't have any reason to care about these guys, much less spend $30 a day on tickets (or eight hours watching them).

Someone stay up, give the commentators a dossier on who these guys are- maybe even run off a few hundred photocopies and hand them to your paying public tomorrow morning.

I'm willing to watch, because I'm a basketball tragic- but then I also already know something about who I'm watching. Give the casual fans something that might click with them.