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Thread: ECB organisers/One broadcasters- give us a reason to care

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    Default ECB organisers/One broadcasters- give us a reason to care

    I posted this in the Day 1 thread but feel it deserves a little more attention:

    no-one knew who half the guys on court even were- I suspect some people didn't know they were teammates until warmups! One team had a player announced during intros and the commentators said he was still at the airport and hadn't made it to the venue.

    Maybe they need to promote this a bit more like the NBA Summer Leagues. Don't just say "here's #13 Todd Blanchfield!", say "here's #13 Todd Blanchfield, who was a Crocs rookie last season after playing his junior basketball with the Mackay Meteors."

    Actually this deserves its own post, I'll cover that elsewhere.
    And here we are.

    What One/ECB needs is a scouting report on each of these guys. Are they playing for a payday? Playing for a contract? Playing to chat up the chick in seat E37? Why are they here, and why should we care about them?

    The Reef, for example, have
    - a bunch of fringe NBL players (Janev, Niesler and Fitzgerald have all played NBL; Fitzgerald was pretty good as a Singapore Slinger, and Janev is on the NBL Free Agents' List)
    - two 2010 Crocodiles teammates in veteran Stephen Hoare and rookie Todd Blanchfield
    - David Bartholomaeus, a very experienced campaigner at State League level
    - Jason Cameron, who's also been around for years at State League and also played six (seven?) seasons as a foundation player for the Townsville Suns

    All of these could be interesting backstories. All of these turn the players from 'some random in a uniform' to 'a person the fans might connect with'. But at the moment we don't have any reason to care about these guys, much less spend $30 a day on tickets (or eight hours watching them).

    Someone stay up, give the commentators a dossier on who these guys are- maybe even run off a few hundred photocopies and hand them to your paying public tomorrow morning.

    I'm willing to watch, because I'm a basketball tragic- but then I also already know something about who I'm watching. Give the casual fans something that might click with them.

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    i want to like this and enjoy the tournament, but there are a lot of areas that need improving. I guess this inevitable with starting up an entirely new and novel concept league/tournament. Names on jerseys is a must though, along with commentators that have rudimentary knowledge of all players, even if it is printed on a sheet and handed to them.

    Unfortunately it is more than the broadcasters issue - some recruiting seems to be poor, with lack of size on a couple of teams
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    Quote Originally Posted by pilonv1 View Post
    Considering there's no on screen graphics besides the score this is a huge oversight. I have NFI who half of these guys are.
    And without knowing who they are (little player background info provided, no names of singlets), what is there to make a casual fan feel connected to the teams? It's not like the teams even have a locational identity.

    It's hard to follow relying only on the commentary to know who everyone is. No progressive player stats, no end of game player stats. No quarter stats (even though this is of some importance). Not even team standings. How about knowing how much longer the power play goes for or the scores during the power play (e.g.. Reef are +2 during their power play)? I've heard Mark Slocumb (sp?) is associated with this (good choice, One), but he has no outlet for his stats.

    If basketball tragics are finding it difficult to follow, imagine what it's like for more casual basketball fans.

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