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Thread: Basketball NSW Metro League 2014

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    Ladies and Gentleman, let us banter about the greatest junior competition in all of Australia, the BNSW Metro League. Comprised of arguably the greatest talented athletes and some of the greatest basketball minds in the nation, this league should be the talk of the town.
    Results and banter. Lets get amongst it.

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    16M1 comp is going to be a very tough one. Round 1 we turned up ready to play against a team who'd beaten us in the pre season and got them by 20. Yesterday we turned up not ready against a team we'd beaten pre season and they spanked us by 20.

    It's going to be that sort of comp.

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    Hills 18M1 lost by 2 to Norths last week, and struggled against Blacktown this week winning by 1. Inbound play didn't work last week. Different one worked this week.

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    I never for a moment thought I would ever see this result.

    12W1 202 Hornsby Spiders 71 [36] d Penrith Panthers 12 [6]

    Penrith traditionally strong in 12's and 14's over many years.

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