We are now the defending basketball champions of the NBL, but with big off-court changes rumoured to take place in the off season - what will the 2016/17 defending champions look like?

I gotta say, my skepticism on the 2015/16 season was proven wrong. The Wildcats "ageing" core proved they still have what it takes.

The addition of a capable wing (Prather) and the capital X factor of Jawai showed this team still had lots left under the hood to win it all.

Can they do it again?

If we kept the team exactly how it is, and managed injuries then I think the cats would have what it takes to go back-to-back.

However, contracts are up, there's a new team and new salary cap, player point rankings and a third import spot could change things up massively.

While early last season I questioned if it's time to "blow-up" the core which seemed to have plateaued, this season I'm leaning towards the need to keep the core in-tack and build around our guys, as it's easier to fixs gaps and weaknesses then start fresh.

Pretty excited to see what the 2016/17 lineup will look up come October/November.