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Thread: FNBL Rules 2016/17

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    Default FNBL Rules 2016/17

    Please Note: New Rules are in effect due to mimicing the NBL with their three imports and 11 players per team rule changes. Modifications will be highlighted below.

    1. Roster

    1.1. Starting 5 must consist of one (1) centre, two (2) forwards, and two (2) guards. Each player is designated a position or combo-position, and retains that position for the duration of the competition.

    1.2. Bench may consist of four (4) players of any position.

    1.3. Injured Reserve may consist of two (2) players of any position. Players make no contribution in any category while they are occupying an Injured Reserve position.

    1.4. Each of the five (5) starting roster positions will accrue statistics for a maximum of twenty eight (28.) games for centre and fifty six (56) combined for the forwards and guards. The bench will accrue statistics for a maximum of one hundred and twelve (112) games total across all four (4) positions. If a roster position has filled its allocation of games then players selected to that position will not accrue statistics. When a position has not yet filled its allocation of games, but will exceed that allocation upon the completion of that week's matches, only enough games to take that position up to the allocation limit will be taken into account. In determining which games to include, chronological order will be the deciding factor. (Example: Going into the final week of the season, a team has used 27 games at the starting C position. The player nominated to fill the C position in the final week is set to play on Friday night and Saturday night. As the limit for that position is 28 games, the first game (Friday) will be taken into account (to reach the limit of 28.), while the Saturday game will not (as the limit will then have been already reached).

    1.5. A FNBL team may not have any more than three (3) imported players. A player's status as an import or otherwise is set upon his entry into the player list (either prior to the draft or arriving during the season as a free agent), and does not change over the course of the season, regardless of any real-life change to that player's import status.

    1.6 There are no limit as to how many centres, forwards, or guards in a side.

    1.7 Changes to rosters

    1.7.1. The closing time for roster changes will be the tip off of the first game for that round. Any changes made after that time (and before the round is finished) will be void even if the roster thread has not been locked.

    1.7.2. All changes to FNBL rosters within the team must be applied by the team owner before the closing time for the round in question.

    1.7.3. Free agents All free agent acquisitions must be conveyed by Ozhoops or Facebook Private Message to the league commissioner. No other method of messaging will be accepted. When released from a team, a player becomes a restricted free agent for a period of forty-eight (48 ) hours following the Commissioner's announcement of their release. When a player enters the NBL and is on neither an FNBL roster nor the FNBL free agents list, they are a restricted free agent for a period of forty-eight (48 ) hours following the Commissioner's announcement of their entry into FNBL as an eligible player. New players are entered into FNBL as soon as the club confirms (through a media release, usually on the player as signed. Whilst a player is a restricted free agent, the waiver wire comes into effect. All FNBL owners have the right to Private Message the League Commissioner their desire to obtain the restricted free agent. The FNBL owner who is highest on the waiver wire and has bid for the restricted free agent will "win" the player and then be required to "drop" a member of their roster. The player to be dropped must be nominated at the time of the bid or the bid is invalid and will be ignored. If the restricted free agent acquired is an import and the FNBL owner is already at their maximum number of imports, the player dropped must be an import for the bid to be valid. Following a successful bid, the owner in question will then be placed at the bottom of the waiver wire, with all other owners accordingly advancing one position.

    1.7.4. Owners may trade any number of the following between two teams in the same league: players, draft picks and exchange of waiver position. All trade requests must be conveyed by Ozhoops Private Message to the league commissioner. No other method of messaging will be accepted. The trade will be deemed to have occurred at the time the Commissioner accepts it, having received matching trade requests from both parties to the trade. The League Commissioner reserves the right to reject trades on any grounds which he sees fit. If FNBL players disagree with the Commissioners' decision, a vote of all FNBL players (excepting the two trading parties) within the applicable league is to be taken. If a simple majority of the remaining owners (regardless of the number who voted) votes to approve the trade then this decision shall override the Commissioners' decision. The Commissioners' decision is to take place within forty-eight (48 ) hours of the trade being communicated to him, and if a vote is arranged, it is to be open for forty-eight (48 ) hours or until all members have voted, whichever is first. In the exceptional circumstance that a rejection and vote occurs, and the allocated periods for this process overlap a deadline for finalising rosters, the parties involved are required to submit two rosters for that week's games, one constituted assuming the trade has been rejected and one assuming the trade has been approved. The outcome of the vote will determine retrospectively which roster is used for scoring purposes. In Keeper League, FNBL owners are able to trade draft considerations for future drafts due to the ongoing nature of the League.

    1.7.5 No player transaction (free agent acquisition or trade) may occur if the end result of that transaction would cause one or more teams to have an illegal roster makeup (e.g. more or less than eleven (11) players, more than three (3) imports). If accompanying player releases or pickups are necessary to render a trade or free agent acquisition valid, then these releases must be specified in the request to the Commissioner so that they may be actioned simultaneously with the transaction, otherwise the transaction will be rejected.

    1.8 Positions of players

    With regards to rosters, an approved player list will be posted two (2) weeks before Draft tip off, with players listed as centres, forwards and guards, or a combo position. Any player joining the NBL after the draft starts may not be selected in the draft, however will become a restricted free agent after the draft is complete.

    2. Drafting

    2.1. If a GM misses their 12hr window, their forfeit their future 12hr windows when it's their turn to pick until they return and make any outstanding selections.

    3. Other Applicable Rules

    3.1. If a situation is not dealt specifically with by these rules the League Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner will make a ruling on the situation, taking into account precedent from prior seasons and the reasonable input of FNBL members.

    4. Scoring

    4.1. Ozhoops FNBL is scored using a standard rotisserie scoring system with nine categories: points, field goal percentage (cumulative, not averaged), free throw percentage (cumulative, not averaged), three pointers made, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks and the negative category of turnovers (i.e. least turnovers wins).
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    5. Keeper League

    5.1 Keeper Picks

    5.1.1 A GM can select up to six (6) Keeper Picks, excluding the previous season's first round draft picks. Only two (2) of these keepers may be from within the top four (4) rounds of the current season's draft.

    5.1.2a Any Keeper Picks cost a draft round higher than their position from the previous season, and can be kept for as long as you see valuable, with them increasing a draft round higher each season you continue to keep them. Once a player has been a 1st round draft selection, they can no longer be kept.

    5.1.2b Any player selected in the draft who suffers an injury once the season has commenced and plays six (6) games or less in the season they were drafted is eligible to be kept for the following season at the same round they were initially drafted provided they are kept on the roster of the GM that initially drafted them. Any player "red shirted" in this manner is not eligible to be traded.

    5.1.3 If you have 2 players you want to keep from the same draft round, they will cost the next available draft spot higher than what they were taken at. (e.g. Want to keep two (2) fifth round draft selections, to keep both, you forfeit your fourth and third draft round selections.)

    5.2 Trades

    5.2.1 Trades are done in the same way current FNBL works;

    5.2.2 A players draft round position sticks with that player through trades, should GMs wish to keep a traded in player.

    5.3 Drafting

    5.3.1 All keeper picks must be nominated prior to the draft. Changes can be made to these nominations, but must be finalised prior to the draft commencing.

    5.3.2 All undrafted players at the end of the draft will be worth an 11th round pick if a GM decides to keep them. They are still subjected to Rule 5.1.3.

    5.3.3 All players that are signed as Restricted Free Agents after the draft has started may be kept in following years. These players will be bid on by other GMs for a draft round they see appropriate. The owing GM can choose to accept the highest bidded round, or pass. If the owning GM passes, the next highest bid MUST accept the player. This player can be in addition to the six (6) nominated keepers that the other GMs are entitled to. All Restricted Free Agents passed over at the time of their entry to the league but picked via Unrestricted Free Agency, shall be treated as other undrafted players and be considered an 11th Round pick.
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