Very interestingly, Real Madrid's Florentino Perez is very intrigued about bringing his team, a legendary and dominant EuroLeague and ACB basketball club for many decades, over to the NBA. Madrid's got very good arenas for basketball like the Barclaycard Arena. Yes, NBA basketball is very popular in Spain with no small part to the success of the Gasol brothers, both of whom won NBA championships, along with other notable NBA players from there like Ricky Rubio, Rudy Fernandez, and Spain is an international basketball force also for decades. But just like London and Paris, Madrid won't work presently because of the trans-Atlantic travel required. Unlike Canada when it got Toronto and Vancouver ready to play back in 1995, Spain was already fertile ground for basketball nationally and was accessible to those who seek it at the grassroots and to the media, for example. So there's a passionate though maybe demanding fanbase already installed in Madrid. Honeymoon has to be longer than what Vancouver endured as this Madrid squad struggles in finding their footing in the early going: