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Thread: Taipans v Hawks 6/10

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    Gameday Taipans v Hawks 6/10

    Well, of course we're going to win...

    But this would be nice:


    A win to start the season is always the aim, but the CQUniversity Cairns Taipans will set an all-time Australian sporting record if they are victorious over the Illawarra Hawks tonight.

    In the club’s history, the Taipans have never lost a Round One home game – and boast a winning record of an incredible 16 straight home openers.

    A win will see the Taipans surpass the Brisbane Broncos as the longest home Round One winning streak from an expansion team in any professional sport in Australia.

    Brisbane’s first Round One home loss came 18 years and six days after they were founded.

    Tonight’s game will be 18 years and five days since the Taipans’ inception.

    The Taipans already have the best current home opening undefeated streak of any Australian sport, with NRL Premiers, the Melbourne Storm second best, not having lost at home in Round One since 2001.

    When compared to the best in world basketball, the Taipans at present possess a record that’s better than what any NBA team has managed since the competition began in 1946.

    The Portland Trail Blazers are currently on the NBA’s best home opening streak of all time that began when they defeated the Golden State Warriors on October 31, 2001.

    Cairns have won their past 16 home openers that began with a victory over Adelaide on October 20, 2001, and they are in a good position to seal the deal tonight against Illawarra.

    The Taipans have won their last six home games against the Hawks (clean 2-0 sweep the last three years) and won 11 of their 14 games overall.

    An early win against the talented visitors will undoubtedly instil confidence in such a crucial part of the season, and ensure the NBL holds the esteemed sporting record around the world.

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    The Snakes won by a solitary point!
    OMFG this is for Real!!!! * Shocked *

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