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Australian sport has been heavily disrupted by the upsurge in Covid-19 cases in the past few weeks, and basketball is no exception. Updated 8 January.

The National Basketball League is racing to reschedule its fixtures due to multiple positive Covid tests affecting three teams. On Wednesday Perth coach Scott Morrison confirmed that positive rapid-antigen tests had been recorded in the Wildcats’ touring party; at the time of writing they were waiting for clinical test results.

The West Australian also reports that there are 10 positive Covid-19 cases amongst the players and coaches at the Tasmania Jackjumpers; both Tasmania’s games in week 6 have been postponed.

Meanwhile, the Cairns Taipans were forced to postpone both of their week 6 games at home after positive tests were returned in the playing group. The Taipans had Saturday and Tuesday home dates scheduled against the Kings (a rebooked fixture in itself) and Bullets respectively.

The remaining game on the schedule is Sunday’s nationally-televised game between Brisbane and New Zealand at Nissan Arena.

The Women’s National Basketball League has also had to modify its schedule due to some players being deemed close contacts, and having to isolate. The entirety of the week 6 schedule- including a Melbourne/Uni Canberra game that had been brought forward from week 12 to take advantage of the two teams being in the same place- has now been postponed.

The Adelaide Lightning confirmed on Wednesday that a player had returned a positive test, forcing their two road games this week to be delayed.

The Sydney Uni Flames also postponed both of their games this week due to league health and safety protocols. The Flames had already had their week 5 game against Bendigo delayed after a positive test in the playing group, and Bendigo’s subsequent road trip to Townsville was also cancelled.

Delays also hit both of the Perth Lynx’ games this week; the only game Perth has played so far in the 2021/22 campaign was against the Adelaide Lightning on 2 January.

The NBL has now had to postpone or reschedule 16 games, while the WNBL has postponed at least 7 games since Christmas. (Note that some replacement fixtures were able to be played, which will require rescheduling later in the year; for example, Cairns was able to play a New Year’s Eve game against Perth, which was originally booked to be against New Zealand.)

NBL games for week 6

Saturday 8 January:
Tasmania v Sydney, postponed
Cairns v SE Melbourne, postponed
– later rebooked to Cairns v Sydney, also postponed

Sunday 9 January:
Illawarra v Adelaide, postponed
Illawarra v Melbourne, postponed
Brisbane v New Zealand, 15:00, 10 Peach

Monday 10 January:
SE Melbourne v Tasmania, postponed

Tuesday 11 January:
Cairns v Brisbane, postponed

Wednesday 12 January:
Adelaide v Perth, postponed

WNBL games for week 6

Wednesday 5 January:
Uni Canberra v Sydney Uni, postponed

Thursday 6 January:
Southside v Perth, postponed

Friday 7 January:
Townsville v Adelaide, postponed

Saturday 8 January:
Sydney v Perth, postponed
Melbourne v Uni Canberra, postponed

Sunday 9 January:
Adelaide v Southside, postponed
Townsville v Bendigo, postponed

Monday 10 January:
Melbourne v Uni Canberra, postponed, was originally scheduled for week 12

Update: this post has been updated to reflect the announcement that Sunday’s Townsville/Bendigo WNBL game had been postponed, and a later announcement that Sunday’s Illawarra/Adelaide NBL game had also been postponed.