A bunch of old television sets in a shop window, indicating this article is about upcoming television schedules.

At this point we’d just settle for knowing our favourite players are healthy and safe. Basketball is a bonus.

But if basketball does happen, it might look something like this:

Monday 10 January
1230 NBA: Cleveland at Golden State, SBS Viceland FREE TO AIR
1900 WNBL: Melbourne v Uni Canberra, Kayo game postponed

Tuesday 11 January
No games scheduled for broadcast

Wednesday 12 January
1430 NBA: Denver at LA Clippers, ESPN
1830 WNBL: Southside v Perth, Kayo

Thursday 13 January
1130 NBA: Dallas at New York, ESPN
1400 NBA: Brooklyn at Chicago, ESPN
1930 NBL: Illawarra v Sydney, ESPN

Friday 14 January
1130 NBA: Golden State at Milwaukee, ESPN
1230 NBA: Oklahoma City at Brooklyn, SBS Viceland FREE TO AIR
1400 NBA: Portland at Denver, ESPN
1800 WNBL: Bendigo v Perth, Kayo game postponed
1930 NBL: New Zealand v Melbourne, ESPN
1930 WNBL: Uni Canberra v Perth, Kayo
1930 WNBL: Townsville v Adelaide, Kayo game postponed

Saturday 15 January
1130 NBA: Boston at Philadelphia, ESPN
1400 NBA: Dallas at Memphis, ESPN
1700 WNBL: Melbourne v Southside, ABC/Fox Sports FREE TO AIR
1730 NBL: Brisbane v SE Melbourne, ESPN
2000 NBL: Cairns v Melbourne, ESPN game postponed

Sunday 16 January
1230 WNBL: Sydney Uni v Adelaide, Kayo game postponed
1300 NBL: Illawarra v Melbourne, 10 Peach FREE TO AIR
1500 NBL: Sydney v New Zealand, 10 Peach FREE TO AIR
1500 WNBL: Perth v Bendigo, Kayo game postponed
1730 NBL: Adelaide v Tasmania, ESPN game postponed

Times Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT + 11 hours).