Locker room illustration for the Patron Access page. Photo credit Triggermouse on Pixabay.

A little bit of extra Ozhoops for those who help support the site.

Ozhoops Patron Access logo

What is Patron Access?

Basically, I’ll post extra content on Ozhoops during the season, which will be exclusively available for folks supporting me on Patreon. It will generally be content that isn’t time-critical, like deep dives of trends, or historical articles- or maybe stuff not directly related to the current NBL season at all (but still basketball-themed.)

Some content will be permanently kept aside for Patreon supporters, while other articles may be exclusive to Patrons for a period of time before being unlocked for a wider audience.

Patrons will also receive access to private channels on the Ozhoops Discord.

What content will not be part of Patron Access?

At the moment the plan is that daily streams on Twitch, the Ozhoops Radio podcast, and normal weekly articles will be free for all to access; there may be additional off-topic or expanded episodes of Ozhoops Radio that are made available for Patrons down the line.

What level of Patreon support is needed to unlock Patron Access material?

All paid levels of support on Patreon will have access to Patron Access content. Tiers start at just AUD$1 per month, with additional benefits (as well as shoutouts and advertising time) being made available at the higher tiers. Check out the different options here.

What if I’m a Twitch subscriber?

Watch this space- I’m testing an add-on for the blog that will give Twitch subscribers the same access as Patrons.

In the meantime, links to Patron Access content will be posted in the PA channels on the Ozhoops Discord. Discord privileges are automatically granted if your Twitch and Discord accounts are linked; you may need to allow an hour or so for the sites to sync their records.

Prime Gaming and gifted subscriptions count the same as regular paid subscriptions, and provide the same benefits while they are active.

What’s Prime Gaming?

If you have Amazon Prime, you can link your Amazon account to your Twitch account, and subscribe to one channel per month at no extra cost (Ozhoops still gets a cut). Subscribers get Patron Access, as well as ad-free viewing on OHD on Twitch. Visit Prime Gaming to learn more, or check out the support article here.

Can I suggest ideas for Patron Access features?

Sure! Feel free to post them in the Ozhoops Discord (at the moment the #discord-test-feedback channel is the best place to post it; we’ll probably rename that #suggestion-box or something in future. Or you can hit me up on Twitter or Patreon.